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Saturday 17th June, here, at 7pm.

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We here at Star Shaped HQ understand that a whole month is a long time to wait for a fix of pure, unadulterated Britpop. That’s why we’ve brought together some of the radio industry’s leading interns and poorly-paid lackeys to help remedy this awful situation.

We’re therefore pleased to announce our new venture… Star Shaped Radio! A monthly show every penultimate Saturday of the month! It’ll be two hours of sheer audio bliss.* We’ll be sandwiching it in-between the clubnights, so you can now get down with arrkid, Justine, Jarvis, Brett, Damon et al. every fortnight or so.

Expect to hear all the music you’ve come to expect and love at our clubnights, sprinkled with a little bit of radio magic along the way… Think Absolute 90s without the Pearl Jam.

In true Britpop style, it’s a bunch of outsiders versus the big boys. Mr. Cocker would be proud.

*Well, the music will be at the very least… we can’t offer any guarantees about the presenters. There’s probably a good reason why they don’t have proper jobs in the radio industry.

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