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The Female Of The Species

Do You Remember The First Time? Well, here it is, your first blog! This was sent it by resident Star Shaped DJ, Jill Nolan! Please send us yours on any Britpop topic you fancy!

It was International Women’s Day recently and it occurred to me that the Britpop era was a golden age for female musicians. Although Britpop and the “Cool Britannia” scene of the mid 90s were eventually characterised by the laddish swagger of Oasis, Loaded Magazine and falling out of The Groucho, many of the scene’s figureheads featured women. Cool women. Talented women. Women I have looked up to and aspired to be like for twenty years! The likes of Elastica, Sleeper, Echobelly, Garbage, Kenickie, Catatonia, Lush were all fantastic female fronted bands who were just as successful as the other defining bands of the era. Justine Frischmann, Louise Wener, Shirley Manson and many more were all talented, intelligent. gorgeous ladies making great music and making a scene alongside Suede, Blur, Oasis etc.

Yet another point to add to my (long) list of reasons why the 90s were the best. I just don’t see as many inspiring, cool, rocking women in the music industry these days which is a damn shame!

Here are a few examples of my fave Britpop ladies…  

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