#7 Hanging Around

Blimey! What a few months! Sorry we’ve not updated the website much of late… Follow us on social media, it’s the future, don’t you know? We never had social media in 1995! What’s that? Oh, yeah, right, we never really had internet either… ANYWAY! Busy, busy: Completely sold out club nights up and down the country, Official Aftershow Parties For Shed Seven and The Bluetones feat. guest DJ sets from Rick Witter and Mark Morriss, oh and Star Shaped Festival! That was pretty special, huh? Well, there might just be an announcement about next years VERY soon… Watch this space (or follow us on social media! We’re much better at updating that! Promise!).

In the meantime, here’s a little clip of what you missed. Or, for you lucky ones who shared that experience, see if you can spot yourself singing along!

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