#3 Going For Gold…

HE’S BACK! Last May, Rick Witter took the roof off The Garage (those of you who were there, had a chat/photo etc, will verify this) and next month, on May 7th, he’s back to do it again! We only hope the venue have renewed their roof insurance… NOT. ONE. TO. MISS! This will be a SPECIAL night.

Tickets will be scarce – those of you who came to our Blur special in April will know just how busy it was, this will be same or busier! So don’t stay On Standby, you don’t want to be Missing Out whilst we’re all Chasing Rainbows!

Tickets are available here:


As well as that we’ll be having all the usual fun and games that Star Shaped has become synonymous with and more Britpop tunes that you can shake a stick at until 4am! You’re in, yeah? YEAH!


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